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Wine Experiences, Wine Academy and Corporate


Because wine is not just another product, it is culture, it is history, it is experience and, more than that, it is friendship, we contribute to the knowledge of the category itself and everything that involves it, from service to training. To this end, we develop training and consultancy for those who like to go further, through a certified team with a high level of knowledge and experience that develops plans according to what is desired.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Coordinating team: David Codeço, Lynn Monge and João Pinto Coelho

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David Codeço

Founder of the Best Wine Team and passionate about the world of wine, he contributes in a disruptive way to the growth of the brands he represents, allowing him to take the history and differentiation of Portuguese wines around the world.


  • WSET Advanced Level


David Codeço da empresa Best Wine Team
Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto, I. P.

Founder of the Best Wine Team, he fell in love with the world of wine since he started tasting wines as a child, as he comes from a family where wine has always been present. The wine tastings in several emblematic wine cellars in the city of Lisbon over time, only confirmed the passion he had brought since his youth. Engineer and manager as formation, with a master's degree in Marketing, from an early age he stood out for his entrepreneurship, developing projects both in traditional areas and in more disruptive areas. Allied to a school made in multinationals, allowing to know different cultures and worlds, he joined his expertise to lay the foundations for Best Wine Team projects. In addition to contributing to the growth of the represented brands, leading a proximity team and boosting the partnership relationship with customers, he is the creator of The Loyalty Wine Family , which allows to take the history and differentiation of Portuguese wines around the world.

Through the various events created around the wines and in partnership with the customers, he develops the knowledge of the category in an informal, close way and in simple language. This is the objective of the company that leads, allowing to demystify the world of wines and providing unique moments.

With advanced WSET training and holder of the title of CERTIFIED PORT WINE EDUCATOR, in addition to many kilometers and hours dedicated to analysis and work in various markets, he now wants to bring knowledge and experience to everyone who will accept the challenge of also sharing his life experience and discover if they also have the passion of wine within them. He also wishes to contribute to the development of competencies and skills in organizations, believing that a whole experience around a product that is so close, so familiar and so national, will allow an organization to work in various aspects.

"We are waiting for you to enjoy our experiences and events"

David Codeço

Lynn Monge

With a vast culture, the result of experience in several countries and years working in the area, she now passes on her knowledge and experience to all who will participate in the various experiences and events.

  • Sommelier Course at the Lisbon Hotel and Tourism School (EHTL)

  • Founder of the Spanish wine guide and online course “Puro Vino” and the blog De-gustos y vino

Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Lisboa (EHTL)
De Gustos y Vino
Lynn Monge formadora dos cursos e workshops

She was born in Costa Rica, in a city very close to the capital but far enough away to have mountains, small lakes and many animals as a landscape. Dedicated part of her life in Costa Rica to the study and practice of dance. She graduated from the National University, at the National Conservatory with Jimmy Ortiz and Aspirant Group from the University of Costa Rica with Rogelio López. She founded and collaborated in several independent groups such as Ezza Danza, Las Tres Marías and Desterrados Danza-Teatro and worked at Companhia de Cámara Danza UNA. During these years she also taught dance to children and adults in centers such as the Margarita Esquivel Program, Lincoln School, Methodist College and dance schools.

She took a year-long break to teach Spanish in a small French town on the Spanish border: Oloron Sta Marie, where she began her fascination with travel, cultures and borders. Two years later started a master's degree in Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation at Charles de Gaulles University, Lille. City that allowed her to investigate the issue of migration and the body - border relationship. In this phase she was linked to the organization of study days and cultural events. She traveled to Lisbon to write her thesis: "The instrumentalization of the arts in the urban rehabilitation process of Intendente", and became passionate about the city. In the early years she returned to the dance, started to collaborate in theater plays and again teaching in dance schools, conservatories and primary schools.
Invited by friends, she started wine tasting and small trips through the villages of Portugal, visiting small winegrowers, discovering her passion for wine, which led her to change her life.

She reinforced her knowledge, taking the sommelier course at the School of Hotel and Tourism of Lisbon (EHTL), later joining the industry, contributing to the growth of a wine bar of Portuguese wines and a bar specialized in Portuguese craft beers. She went through fine dinning, being the sommelier responsible for the restaurant Sála de João Sá, a renowned chef, always trying to surprise customers with different and authentic wines, developing harmonizations with the chef's creations, provoking in the customers the desire to return to a new adventure through world of food and wine.

In 2020, she created the online guide and course for wines in Spanish “Puro Vino”, also participating in several courses of Champagne and Port wine.

She dedicates her free time to wine tourism inside and outside Portugal (Vale do Rio Struma in Bulgaria, Corfu vineyards in Greece, Duero wineries, Jerez and Cadiz wineries in Spain, Loire in France, Douro Boys 2017, Madeira wine cellars, Pico, among others), describing the experiences on her blog De-gustos y vino.

With a vast culture, the result of the experience of living in several countries and years working in the area, speaking 4 languages, she now passes on her knowledge and experience to all who will participate in the various experiences, unique, created exclusively for those who want to know more and eventually discover the love that Lynn felt several years ago.

João Pinto Coelho

Founder of the company Briefar | Team Developers, which focuses on the development of human resources through corporate events and experiences that consolidate the strategic pillars of the Organizations.


  • Social Communication and Marketing - Universidade Católica Portuguesa, IPAM and Complutense University of Madrid

João Pinto Coelho da empresa Briefar

In 2019, he realized one of his dreams, to create his own company, which he called Briefar | Team Developers.


Briefar | Team Developers, focuses its operation on a perfect combination between the areas of management and development of human resources, corporate events and experiences that consolidate the strategic pillars of an Organization.


With training in the areas of Social Communication and Marketing, where he went to educational institutions such as the Catholic University of Portugal, IPAM and the Complutense University of Madrid, he fell in love with the area of ​​human resources, with the monitoring and perspective of organizations as “bodies living” in constant mutation and evolution and in which each employee is a fundamental element.


This has been his path, where his knowledge and approaches were formed and consolidated, in national and multinational companies, with the most innovative, disruptive programs and which he believes have made a difference.


Today, at Briefar, he affirms his mission in which he searches, every moment, for new contexts of skills development that make the perfect match, with teams and organizations.

In this sense, Portuguese Wine had to be a scenario to be explored and enhanced for the corporate context, not only due to the national and world reference, but also due to the diversity and complexity that we find in each variety and blend, similar to what we live in each Organization.


His taste and knowledge come from home, with a grandfather from Alentejo, with the tradition of the “glass of 20”, at the end of the day in the tavern and with his father director of F&B, in one of the reference hotels in the Algarve. At the table there was always wine to drink, discuss and enjoy.


Toast to life!


With a knowledgeable, innovative team and with a proximity service, we specialize in working the various channels with exclusive products, from the restaurant channel to specialized wine cellars, as well as the best chain stores and supermarkets. We also have a team dedicated to foreign markets that makes us develop the best projects and partnerships with local agents, allowing us to take what moves us far, the differentiation of Portuguese wines and the ability to create lasting relationships with all stakeholders, including the final consumer.


For those who like to be updated, we create various contents and events throughout the year, either through our online platforms, or in one of our partner farms or restaurants. We are making small informative videos available on our Wine Minute, which can be seen both on the homepage of this website and on our social networks, Facebook and Instagram.

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