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Croft Reserve Tawny

Croft Reserve Tawny


Capacity: 75 cl

Wine Region: Douro

Description: Croft Reserva Tawny is obtained from wines selected for their smooth and velvety texture that are aged in oak casks for a maximum of seven years. A few months before being bottled, the wines are blended to ensure their consistency and house style.

Tasting Note: Brick red with an amber hue. On the nose you can feel the fresh fruit, the notes of caramel, raisin and cloves. On the palate, the touch of spices, cardamom, nuts and the buttery flavor of caramel combine with the elegance of currants. Round, smooth, exuberant in the notes of strawberry jam, resulting in an elegant finish.

Service Temperature: 12°C - 16°C

ABV: 20% Vol.

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