for whom are these wine tours directed?

For anyone who has the pleasure, and want to know more, about Portuguese wine and food literally on the field. Instead of doing it at the table, you will do it with our funny sommelier walking in the streets of Lisbon, Sintra and Cascais.

what do these tours include?

All tours include a course of Portuguese wines and detailed information about the tasted products. It's no more than 4 stops in 3 hours, as it will be given a lot of time to focus on the main goal: enjoy the wines and delicacies, as well as the places to visit. Even for those who don't like to walk, can not or don't really feel like it, the distances on foot are less than 1 km without any associated difficulties, we had this care.

Is it another COMMON walking tour?

No. The motto here is not the hiking, is the enogastronomic content thereof. It's the first tours in Portugal where the sommelier shares its metier with visitors outside the restaurant room, taking them to a vinous and gastronomic Portugal by visiting stores in prime locations of Lisbon and Cascais, with tastings of premium products.

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